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Guidelines For Contributed Articles

GeekNado does accept outside contributions from industry professionals and is looking for writers.

Articles submitted for consideration should be of interest to our readership, have a tone that is appropriate, and be written by a person, not a PR department. We like articles that introduce new ideas and advance conversation around topics and trends that engage our readers–think op-ed rather than marketing. We appreciate lively, polished writing that balances research or news with fun and memorable anecdotes or examples that help illustrate your point of view.

While we encourage drawing from your own experiences in business to support your ideas, over-the-top self promotion of yourself or your company lessens the chance we will publish your article.

When you send the completed post, please also include: appropriate hi-res image(s), a brief bio and head shot picture.

Typically, contributed articles are between 300 and 700 words. We also appreciate if you use your social media (including Twitter and Facebook) to promote your post as well will do the same.

Please send your contributed articles to [email protected] for review.

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