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Photography for The Sharing Economy: New App Shakes Up The Way We Hire Professional Photographers

The PhotoSesh Photographer App and PhotoSesh Customer App are now available as an on-demand (or scheduled) photography discount platform. The PhotoSesh Community allows users to find, book, and pay local freelance photographers using GPS positioning and calendar syncing technology. It also connects a separate network of iPhoneographers at your service via PhotoSesh LIGHT, where users can ping nearby peers that can help with iPhone shots at festivals or busy tourist areas.

PhotoSesh today announced the release of their brand-new Photographer App and Customer App for iOS devices.

The PhotoSesh App is a community-based platform which connects users and local photographers in real time, utilizing the gaps in freelancers’ schedules and filling those gaps with paying appointments.

Entirely within the App, users can browse portfolios and photographer reviews, book sessions for now or later, and pay automatically—changing the way consumers hire photographers. And unlike traditional, restrictive, high-priced photography booking packages, a “PhotoSesh” is highly customizable to the user, event and location—and they are available at a wide array of affordable hourly rates. Even experienced iPhoneographers and cutting-edge Drone Photographers are available at discounted pricing.

Traditionally, event and party hosts have had to budget for big photography packages, or scramble to do it themselves. Now they can have the best of both worlds: high-quality images at a low price, while still being able to enjoy their party or event. New Jersey Mother and Educator, Danielle Mosca, says “a PhotoSesh made our event so much more fun, because we could focus on our guests and spending time with our son at his 1st birthday party!” Michael Gonnelli, Partner of Re/Max Infinity, keeps his realtors current with the latest tech to save time and better serve clients. He states, “Booking photographers just got real simple.”

Freelance and professional photographers are now affordable, available and easy-to-book for any casual or formal event—or just because; birthdays, weddings, Little League games, real estate listings or a night out are all great reasons to book a PhotoSesh.

Download the Apps Here:

PhotoSesh Photographer App

PhotoSesh Customer App

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