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Presari Search Tools Speed Up Online Research

Tired of wading through the glut of ads and SEO manipulated results on Google?

Presari (www.presari.com) is a very helpful new, search tool that operates like a TV remote control only you flip search engines instead of TV stations. You get to choose where you get your information from.

Presari speeds up your search time. And gets you right to the best sources fast.

Hold your Control or Command key down and click on five or more of your favorite search sources in a row. Boom! They all open.

And the Presari One-Click feature lets you pre-select a set of sites you constantly use, and then send your search to all of them with one click. Zoom!

Presari is fully mobile – designed to be finger-friendly and capable of being operated on any computer, portable device or smart phone with a connection to the Internet.

The results are always current and can change each minute of every day.

You can tailor your search dashboard to access just what you need. From common search engines, to social media, news media, and specialized sources — Presari includes over 1,100 hand-selected search engines in >30 categories.

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