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Rebecca Black is back with Saturday

The artist who came out with the catchy, though somewhat obnoxious, pop song “Friday,” is making her way through the days of the week, debuting a new music video aptly entitled “Saturday.

Yes, really.

Following up on the chorus from “Friday,” where Black trumpets that “Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend,” her new song features the tagline, “I don’t want this Saturday to end.”

The video had fewer than 60,000 YouTube views Saturday afternoon just a few hours after launch and now stands around the 12 million mark at last check. “Friday,” which debuted in the fall of 2011, has accumulated more than 61 million views.

No word yet on whether “Sunday” is expected to drop in 2014.

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  1. In fact, “Friday” got over 160 million views before it was pulled due to a copyright dispute between ARK Music Factory, which produced the video, and Rebecca Black, who, having paid for it — or having had her mum pay for it, which is much the same thing — was supposed to be the owner. The legal beagles found in favor of Black, who reposted it on her own channel, with the view count starting over.

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