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ROLR Creative Video Collaboration Encourages “Acting Out”

ROLR, a creative video collaboration platform, announced today the launch of its iOS app (Version 2.0) that provides a unique experience for users to act out their favorite movies with friends around the world. ROLR’s proprietary technology supports a new form of interactive video collaboration and social media engagement, enabling people to express their personalities and creativity within the context of scenes from some of the most memorable films of all time.

Creative video collaboration platform, ROLR, launches on iOS

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ROLR is designed to bring social media influencers, celebrities, movie studios and fans into direct engagement with one another, providing a unique opportunity to create content collaboratively and engage fans in an active dialogue. Recently featured in the Apple (NYSE: AAPL) App Store “New Apps We Love” and “Make Great Videos” sections, ROLR allows users to have face-to-face video conversations with others via a fun, interactive recording. When users enter the app, they can “role” with anyone around the world in any chosen scene. The resulting collaborations can be shared within the ROLR community, on Facebook and Twitter, and via text message as an invitation for others to get into the act.

Users select scenes from a plethora of popular classic movies and new releases. Users choose a character, like Amy Schumer’s “Amy” or Bill Hader’s “Aaron” from “Trainwreck,” for example, and record a “role” using the in-app teleprompter. After a role is created, users can invite others as co-stars to record and “role back” in order to complete a scene. In addition, users have the option to role with existing roles created by friends or those featured in the home feed. New movies, celebrities and social media influencers are featured every day.

Founded by veteran film and television actor Edward Kerr, who plays a recurring role on “Pretty Little Liars” on the Freeform network (part of the Disney|ABC Television Group [NYSE: DIS]), ROLR helps people discover and engage with content and each other in new ways. ROLR is working with several major film studios – including Paramount Pictures Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal Studios and Warner Bros. – to generate a growing, diverse volume of in-app scenes; serve as a promotional platform to engage fans and viewers; and capture data to better understand viewership demographics and engagement levels.

“People bond over their shared affinity for classic movie moments. ROLR created a way for fans to participate in these moments like never before. There’s karaoke for music fans, but nothing exists for people to act with each other unless on a set or stage. ROLR is essentially an acting machine – a way for people to express their own personalities and experience what it’s like to play the role,” said Kerr. “Our goal is to literally get the world to act together by bringing people of all ages and interests into entertaining interactions within the context of popular scenes from film and television.”

Research shows when people watch movies together, their brain wave patterns are effectively “in sync” with one another, demonstrating a sign of good communication (Aalto University, Brain Research Unit, Finland). By tapping into this idea, the ROLR app offers fans and friends the ability to experience and recreate a movie together – ultimately developing a deeper connection – even if physically apart.

Social media influencers, actors and comedians like Steph Barkley and Jamie Costa are already naturally gravitating to ROLR as a platform to share original content, connect with fans and co-create with fellow influencers. Barkley and Costa have 1.5 million and 772,000 social media followers, respectively.

“As a content creator, engagement is everything! With ROLR, I can invite fans into a deeper level of engagement and create more meaningful connections,” said Barkley, Los Angeles-based actor. “As influencers, we like to co-create content, but to be physically together is challenging even when we live in the same city. With ROLR, I can instantaneously collaborate with others locally and globally, while engaging and growing my fan base.”

The app is currently available for iOS devices and is launching on Android in summer 2016.

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