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SUB2r camera is a programmable, configurable, updatable camera

Late last month, a breakthrough in camera technology rocked TwitchCon. SUB2r, a small and self-funded start-up, provided live demonstrations of their affordable broadcast quality live-streaming camera that boasts easily-upgraded hardware and software. The powerful 4K/1080p resolution camera naturally lended itself to the millions of Twitch users who have expanded from live-stream video game play to esports, to music performances and art.

Surrounded by those who know the value of a good live-streaming camera, SUB2r showed off their unrivaled true 4K/1080p resolution camera that’s resistant to obsolescence.

CEO and Co-Founder, Richard Neumann explains what makes SUB2r’s camera so special for gamers saying, “Gamers are keenly aware of the lighting-fast pace at which hardware advances and what was new is suddenly obsolete.”

Neumann continued, “There is a significant price tag that’s associated with keeping up with new tech, a camera that can be upgraded at home by the owner is a one-of-a-kind offering and I couldn’t be more excited to put this technology in the hands of people who will love it.”

According to Neumann:

  • Our camera is truly a programmable, configurable, updatable camera.
  • Just like gaming PCs, SUB2r envisions streamers being able to upgrade their hardware and software on their cameras as newer and better applications become available.
  • This is the first affordable studio-quality camera that has been built around an open architecture where every aspect of the imaging pipeline is accessible, configurable, customizable, upgradable and programmable.
  • Our camera is literally the last camera anyone will ever have to buy.

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