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Yes, The new iPad mini has retina display

Apple’s dinky 7-inch iPad Mini has been updated with a higher-resolution retina display, and smokin’ hot A7 processor! Great news for those who held out on the first-gen model in the hopes of Apple doing just that.

This time round, the new iPad Mini with Retina (ugh long names) really is just a miniaturised iPad. It’s got the same processor, camera and screen, but in a slightly smaller package. It’s priced a bit higher, accordingly — $70 more than the current Mini in the US, so probably about £50 more here in Blightly.

The current iPad Mini is also staying on the market to fill that bargain-basement need, with a small price drop of $30. (Probably starts at about £20 here in the UK.)


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  1. I’ve been holding out for the new iPad mini and I think I’m just about impressed enough to make a purchase.

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